5 Reasons To Start Your Career Journey at a Startup this 2023

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Startup isn’t just one of 2020’s biggest K-drama entries. Specifically, it refers to a fledgling company in its earliest stages, with the founder(s) taking on various roles to help the business get ahead. Startups are common in the tech industry, but they can appear in any sector. A few of the most successful companies include Airbnb, Pandora, Uber, Mailchimp, and Instagram.

Even if you’ve never watched the K-drama (or its Philippine version), you’ve no doubt stumbled upon the term numerous times. You may have mulled over the idea of maybe working at one. But is it worth it? Why is working for a startup a big deal? And what are the perks?

To shed light on the matter, we’ve asked Sowenscale employees to tell us about their job and what they love about it. Here are their real answers.

More Opportunities

Accounts Manager Thea Carmelle Sumagaysay is a fur mom of seven cats who also loves to paint during her free time. She came to Sowenscale to learn more about social media management. She was surprised to find out how complex creating Facebook ads can be. But she’s determined to master this new-age marketing tactic.

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“I want to bring back my passionate and creative self…learning marketing is a new art for me.”

Unlike established businesses, startups are often still figuring out optimal conditions for their processes. Teams are small, so employees may take on overlapping roles until more people can come in. This helps staff discover more concepts outside of their specialties.

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Self-proclaimed homebody Janine Ayn Bautista can attest to this: “…the most interesting aspect of my job is probably working with different brands. It brings a certain challenge on how versatile you are in visual communication…I have to be adaptable and be open to new things.”

Flexible Schedule

Worried about work-life balance? Startups usually provide flexible hours because of their diverse clientele. You could be speaking to a small, local firm in the morning and be in a meeting with an international company by sundown. For digital nomads such as Mirielle Anne Grabato, this is exciting and liberating.

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“I like to work anywhere and enjoy the place after-hours. The job taught me to think outside the box and how to create more impactful campaigns…”

Offbeat Experience

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Being part of a startup can be an exhausting yet unforgettable experience. For Campaign and Production Manager Greg Grinn Sala, time and creativity seem to consistently be at odds: “Time is your worst enemy. Creativity and time will rarely work together as creativity requires a lot of time - but you need to meet deadlines!”

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Constant change, long hours, and uncertainty are normal aspects of being in a startup. This roller coaster ride may be frightening, but for young leader Hannah Faith Sejera, it’s pulled her out of her comfort zone and into a wellspring of possibilities. “I’m very glad to be part of this. I’ve learned to be open and humble enough to acknowledge that there’s always something new to discover.”

Poet and K-pop fangirl Louie Anne Mapa shares similar sentiments: “…I came to Sowenscale to improve my skills. My current role challenges me place myself in the shoes of the audience and truly think about how my writing will resonate with them.”

Fun and Unique Benefits

As startups are smaller, everyone – including the founders – all work together to ensure staff are happy, healthy, and productive. To achieve this, they typically offer fun, unique benefits that complement employees’ lifestyles. Popular perks may comprise of free meals and food, free product trials or samples, pet-friendly offices, and remote or hybrid work options. There may even be free travel!

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This unconventional set-up results in higher job satisfaction. That’s because employees from startups can see their direct contribution towards the growth of the business. This in turn makes them feel confident and more fulfilled in their roles.

Diversified Workforce

Have you ever felt like you were the only young person at the office? Or maybe you’ve been afraid to ‘rock the boat’ so you’re just ‘going with the flow’. These could be signs that your workplace isn’t diversified enough. According to Tech Target, a diversified workforce promotes policies and programs that aim to include ‘people of different ages, ethnicities, abilities, genders, religions, cultures and sexual orientations.’

Your workplace should make you feel welcomed, included, and supported. Business Development Officer Aiko Garolacan shares how she’s happy to be part of a big, diversified environment at Sowenscale. “The company is involved in so many industries. There are lots of teams and connections. I hope to be productive and to get along well with my colleagues…”

Meanwhile, music geek Quennie Marasigan Dellosa tells us how she unraveled a whole new set of potentials, skills, and perspectives since she joined the team. “I learned that Sowenscale is your adulting friend that’s always there to remind you to keep your feet on the ground, do things with love and kindness, trust the process, and take one meaningful growth at a time.”

As a business development services company, Sowenscale is leading the local startup scene in offering mutual benefits to all their employees, no matter where you choose to work. Enjoy competitive pay, career opportunities, and flexible working hours. Be yourself in a young, dynamic environment that fosters insightful discussions among teammates. And yes, there’s free coffee, tea, and snacks!

Want to be a part of something big? See what could be in store for you on Sowenscale’s official Facebook page @sowenscale.  

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