How Sowenscale Prepares for The Future by Investing Employee Development Today

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What do you think is something that Millennials and Gen Z employees want in the workplace?

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No, it’s not Ping-Pong tables, unlimited coffee, or Pizza Fridays (although those are nice to have, too). Millennials and Gen Z professionals are looking for a positive and nurturing company culture. In fact, 47% of job seekers mention it as a huge factor when applying for jobs.

Today’s young generation are craving for a deeper meaning behind the work they do. And they want to know that their companies are behind them 100% in nurturing their potential, not only in their current roles, but also in preparation for bigger challenges in their careers.

So if you want to attract and keep top talent, there’s no better way than to invest in their professional growth. And Philippine-based business development services company Sowenscale, has the right recipe to ensure their employees stay curious

Building a Culture for Professional Growth – One Workshop at a Time

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When experts suggest including workshops and training in your corporate culture, they don’t just mean something employees can tick off their to-do lists. It should be an experience they’ll genuinely want to participate in. More importantly, it should dig into modern problems that Millennials and Gen Z professionals genuinely care about, such as financial stability, career growth, and finding a purpose.  

According to the popular job site,, there are plenty of professional development topics that can help you in the workplace. Some of them include mastering change, finding mentors, managing time, and setting goals. Guess what – these were covered during “The To-Do List for a Better, Happier, More Successful Career Life”!

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Held on June 18, 2022, the in-person workshop was attended by the first batch of 30 go-getters from different companies and industries, including several team members at Sowenscale. With speakers Life Coach Krz Pareja (Welby), Mentor Patrick Hortillo (Where Money Follows), andSowenscale Founder Mikee Canaman, the event featured lessons on grit, growth, and achieving dreams. Together with the participants, they spent the afternoon getting to know one another, identifying their fears, and discussing career goals.

Digital Marketing Manager, Angelica Kilayko, enjoyed the fun activities that helped her discover more about herself:

“I have three (3) key takeaways from the workshop. First, is the importance of an accountability partner. I know that I will never have that inner motivation all the time. But I can perform well under pressure, especially when there’s someone who will help me keep my commitment. Second is to not underestimate my energy-givers and takers. While I shouldn’t deprive myself of things that give me joy, I should set limitations, too. And lastly, I should never doubt myself. Like what Sir Patrick said - ‘who’s the one putting the box? We’re actually the ones creating our own box of limitations.’”

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Meanwhile, Quality Assurance Specialist, Jean Besa, and Creative Director, Myka Corro both loved meeting new people and sharing ideas.

As Jean pointed out, “…The activities gave us a chance to meet new friends, get to know each other, share our thoughts, and answer thought-provoking questions.”

Writer Dorwin Diesto, on the other hand, reflected on the speakers’ tips and advice, particularly on keeping things simple. Office Assistant, Joshua Sumaylo, echoes similar sentiments and added: “…Don’t complicate situations that only need a simple solution.”

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There’s no doubt that the workshop was a roaring success (with a second batch already in the works). Aside from amazing freebies and tons of insights, Sowenscale’s employees thought it was a wonderful part of their company culture.

Communications and Engagement Manager, Careyzelle Sandoval, acknowledged what the event made her realize

that - “…fear of the unknown makes it hard for us to deal with simple things…New talents can be learned at any stage in our lives. I’m happy that Sowenscale nurtures my current skills…The company has created a positive workplace that motivates and engages its employees. We have a healthy work environment where we’re given equal opportunities to share our ideas and help our organization grow. ”

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Career development workshops such as this are essential not only for the future of young professionals but also for the companies that hired them. IT and computer skills are not the only in-demand competencies today. Managers need to think bigger and years into the future. Tomorrow’s professionals would have to be skilled at critical thinking, conflict resolution, public speaking, customer experience, influence, and persuasion. They would need a lot of creativity, too.

Training should give employees valuable skills and knowledge, as well as help them become more efficient at their roles. They could also find their ideal mentors during these events. As Bim Barneso put it, “…It was cool when the speakers told us their experiences, past mistakes, and sacrifices. I can learn from those. You can help someone grow by just sharing your stories…”

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A great company culture is one where mentorship is fostered. It can be formal or informal. You can even assign one mentor for every stage of your career. Mentorship is not just connecting with someone more experienced or more successful than you are. It’s about finding out what it takes to make your dreams come true.

For Ezra Gubatanga, Marketing and Communications Associate, what he’s learning at Sowenscale can be applied to both the professional and personal aspects of his life:

“There is so much to learn from Sowenscale…They give me enough time to acquire information and improve. Thanks to their patience, I can absorb the necessary material for my role. I commend them for that…”

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With so many problems in the world (i.e. climate change, inequality, socio-economic recovery from the pandemic, etc.), it’s become critical for companies to create workplaces that value top talent. So make sure you provide workshops, training, seminars, and mentorship programs that would prepare your employees for today’s challenges. Above all, be particularly supportive of young professionals. They’ll need all the help they can get in the changing world of work.

When you plant seeds of knowledge, purpose, and passion in your people, you’ll reap what you sow.

Sowenscale understands the youth’s potential in business, branding, and modern storytelling. That’s why they’re always on the lookout for promising brands and individuals. Want to see how they’re scaling for the future? Check out their journey on Facebook@sowenscale.


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