How Students Can Balance Work and Academics While Maintaining a Social Life

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Finding working students nowadays is as easy as spotting popular milk tea brands in your area. There’s a growing number of teens and young adults who are eager to get experience by jumping headfirst into the ‘real world’. They get part-time jobs online or clock in hours at a café. Aside from work experience, most of them get a decent income, which then pays for their school fees and more.

You’ve probably played around with the idea of getting a part-time job. Or maybe you had one, but let it go because of conflicting schedules. Being a working student is not for the faint of heart! Expect burnout, sleepless nights, and a lot of nagging doubt.

Nutrition and Dietetics student, Andrea Campilan, is familiar with these issues and tackles them head-on as a healthcare writer for Sowenscale.

“I began my employment last June 2022. As an aspiring healthcare worker, I wanted to gain experience in my field, meet new people, and share my knowledge and skills with others. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone as I juggle work and school…”

So how does she manage? Andrea shares a couple of tips for her fellow go-getters:

Create Simple, Healthy Routines

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Andrea likes to begin her day early. She wakes up at 6AM (on weekdays), drinks black coffee, then proceeds with a quick workout. She also meditates for about 5-10 minutes to help her ‘set the pace for the day.’ The exercise gives her a burst of dopamine, more commonly known as happy hormones, that makes her feel productive.

Don’t think of routines as boring, repeated activities that tie you down. According to a 2018 research, creating habits helps free up our minds for more creative, complex tasks. In fact, you’re doing plenty of little routines everyday – you’re just not aware of it because you’re acting on autopilot. Things like washing dishes after every meal, picking up your phone when you wake up, and buying pasalubong are all habits we’ve come to ignore.

To balance work and school, make a routine that will help you feel energized and focused. Try jogging, doing meditation, or listening to a TED talk. Anything that gets you up and ready!

Include Breaks in Your Time-Management

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One of the biggest misconceptions about Andrea’s job is that it’s easy. But a healthcare writer needs to be strict with time-management. They have to ensure quality, trustworthy content while still meeting deadlines. For this, Andrea takes plenty of breaks in between.

“Time management plays an important role in balancing work on top of finishing my degree. I need to plan my day so I can do as many tasks as possible. The common challenge I encounter is feeling burned out. It’s normal, but we should listen to what our bodies are telling us.”

Writers should learn to step away and do something unrelated so they can view their draft with fresh eyes. Do anything you love. A quick cold shower or short walk around the block could help, too. When she’s not writing articles or attending online classes, Andrea goes for a drive, grabs coffee with friends, or binge-watches crime shows.

Get a Support System

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“As cliché as it sounds, my motivation to wake up and go to work is myself. What I’m doing today is going to be the foundation of the person I aspire to be. My parents also inspire me to do my best. They provide everything I need. In the near future, I hope to give back all their love and support…”

Adding a job to your already full academic load is like sprinkling salt on a wound. The pain will be agonizing at times. Some days, you’ll find yourself staring at nothing, wondering why you chose this path at all. Which is why you’ll need all the help you can get: parents, friends, teachers, and colleagues, too.

Your co-workers will be a surprising source of comfort, especially as they can relate to your job. So yes, share with them your dreams and struggles. The older employees may even feel like a ‘tita’ or ‘tito’ as they dish out life advice. The best part is they can give feedback on your performance as well.

“I enjoy the weekly meetings involving various check-up questions for everyone to answer. I think it’s such an interesting way to get to know your colleagues, considering that I work from home.”

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are people out there who will have your best interests at heart.

Find the Right Employer

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When it comes to finding the ideal part-time work, one of the first things you should look at is the company’s mission and vision. Do they believe in the same things you do? Do they value people, independence, and a balanced lifestyle? Another thing to keep an eye out for are their current employees. What are they saying about the company? Do they feel happy yet challenged at the same time? Does the company employ a good number of students like you?

If so, then you may have found your optimal workplace.

Sowenscale is leading the local startup scene in providing amazing benefits to all their employees – especially for those who choose to work from home. Apart from offering a flexible work schedule, you could get perks such as: HMO medical insurance, competitive pay, growth opportunities (e.g., career seminars, skill workshops), as well as free food and gifts! The diverse work environment makes it a great space for camaraderie, mentorship, and thoughtful discussions among young leaders.

Sounds like somewhere you’d love to grow in? Check out professional opportunities on Sowenscale’s official Facebook page @sowenscale.

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