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Self-care is more than an excuse for spa day (although that’s not bad either!). It’s a process of actively taking care of yourself in terms of managing stress, illness, getting enough sleep and exercise, as well as eating right. Did you know that there are five (5) pillars to self-care? These are physical, social, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual.

Addressing these different aspects can feel overwhelming. That’s why The Global Self-Care Federation is here to remind you that you’re not alone. There are businesses and associations that can lend you a hand. For this year’s International Self-Care Day with the theme, Resilience, it’s all about being consistent with your self-care habits.

Looking for ways to finally enjoy your self-care day? Here are the best Ilonggo businesses to book an appointment for.

Ilonggo Businesses for International Self Care Day

Be Fit and Fab with Ironforge Fitness Center

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What started as a passion project is now Iloilo’s longest-running gym that offers functional fitness and Olympic weightlifting. Owner, Nasser John Vencer, is not just a competitive athlete; he’s also passionate about bringing people together.

“I tried a career in sales after I graduated from college. But I realized it’s not the lifestyle that I want. All my superiors were unhealthy, stressed, and unhappy. As an athlete, I wanted to maintain a healthy and sustainable lifestyle...”

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Located at Villa Consolacion, Tabuc Suba, Jaro, Ironforge Fitness Center specializes in Functional Fitness, Olympic Weightlifting, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In the future, they plan to expand their services to offer more combat sports, martial arts, and Olympic Weightlifting. When asked for tips on self-care, Nasser John says:

“Self-care is everything. You can’t pour from an empty cup. To become your best self, you have to come first…Go to the gym; eat to nourish yourself; get enough sleep, and spend at least 30 minutes under the sun. You will find yourself stronger, more productive, and in a better mood…”

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Not into lifting weights or martial arts? Nasser John recommends their Functional Fitness Program instead. Functional fitness is a collection of different exercises that train your body for everyday activities. It’s performance-based with a long-term goal of improving your quality of life.

“It’s important for people, especially those just starting out on their fitness journey, to have a sense of community. Staying fit and active is not easy. But when you have a support group that keeps you motivated, it helps a lot. Often, it’s the community that makes them stay.”

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Feel Rejuvenated at Rejen Aesthetic Center

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Are you envious of your fave celebrity’s gorgeous skin? You don’t have to be rich and famous to achieve this goal. Jen Gasendo, the owner of Rejen Aesthetic Center located at II Rufino Building (Unit 304-305, 3rd Floor) E. Lopez St., Jaro, believes so, too:

“…Seeing yourself beautiful and your skin glowing can greatly impact your self-confidence…This boost can make you do better at work and in your personal life.”

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Jen always had an interest in beauty and wellness. For her, the business is more than just skincare. It’s also a way for her to share her passion for making people feel good about themselves – no matter their age.

“Rejen Aesthetic Center’s goal is to provide a safe haven for those who want to escape life for a bit. We’re so busy running towards success that taking a break is often a luxury. Rejen is a home away from home; a modern place for the youth; an oasis for employees to feel refreshed; and a perfect escape for busy moms.”

They have a wide variety of services to choose from, whether you want your nails done or go all-out on slimming and lifting packages.

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“Self-care is more than just sleeping on your days off. It’s about what we eat, what we apply on our skin, etc. …Pampering can greatly change a person’s perspective. The standard we hold ourselves to is the standard other people would need to meet. Boundaries should exist. And it all begins with self-care.”

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Be a VIP at the Ilustrado Barbershop

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Self-care is for everyone – even guys! As the famous saying goes: when you look good, you feel good.

Barber shops are essential for men. Ask any guy, and if there’s one person they’d be very particular with, it would be their barber. It’s a safe space for them to have a little chat and experience manly pampering. This is what Rod Kenneth Delfin, Kenneth Pumarega, and Edward Cheng thought of when they opened Ilustrado.

“We wanted to bring premium haircut services to Iloilo City because we’ve noticed that there aren’t many barbershops that offer it. We decided to conceptualize the brand in 2018.”

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Their dedication, hard work, and excellent branding have certainly paid off. Today, the Ilustrado Barbershop at the 2nd Floor Festive Walk Parade, Mandurriao caters to men who want to feel like a VIP. The old-world atmosphere of their shop will have anyone stepping back in time with cherry-stained wood panels, black accents, and elegant wall lighting.

“We are proud to have developed the shop where customers can feel at home and freely talk to their barbers. Customer loyalty is our priority.”

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The owners believe that everyone deserves to have a self-care routine. And that it should be done every day, whenever possible. Wondering how to pamper the special man in your life? Book them a premium package that includes a cut and style, wash, plus complimentary massage.

“…All our customers are considered VIPs.”

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Heal with Touch at Spa Riviera

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One of the things that hit us hard during the pandemic was not seeing some of our friends and loved ones. So the minute restrictions eased, and we hurried to their sides. We craved their smiles and their embrace. Touch and its healing properties are so underrated. But as human beings, it’s natural to want to feel someone’s warmth, especially when you’re exhausted with just about everything.

Enter the relaxing services of Spa Riviera Prime on the 2nd floor of SM City Southpoint, Mandurriao. For over 20 years, this massage spa has been catering to locals (and tourists!) in Iloilo City. Owner Anna Marie Rivera-Wharton built the business based on her many passions, trusting that excellence always trumps competition.

“Principles do not change. They are timeless. We’re proud to contribute to the well-being of a person. After all, a rested body results in a productive mind…”

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Nothing beats a massage after a long, stressful week at work. Spa Riviera boasts regular massages such as Swedish and Shiatsu. They also offer facials and body scrubs. However, their more popular services are unique massages with a touch of Ilonggo tradition. The Gayuma massage, for instance, includes a hot stone whole body massage that should leave you wanting more. Meanwhile, their Hilot Palangga involves natural ingredients like Ylang-Ylang oil to stimulate your senses. These are done by skilled professional therapists.

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Being a busy go-getter herself, Anna recognizes the importance of self-care and leaves us with this short but sweet advice:

“Life is short. So enjoy it!”

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Taking care of others doesn’t mean ignoring our own needs. Make time just to relax, unwind, and simply enjoy the little things in life, too. Looking for the best places that cater to self-care? Visit Ironforge Fitness Center, Ilustrado, Spa Riviera, and Rejen Aesthetic Center today!


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