Lights, Camera, Pose: How Studiomatic Captures the Courage of Entrepreneurship

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Who doesn’t love taking photos? Many of us are even guilty of taking too much and too often! Remember when you used to wait for days to get rolls of film developed? You and your parents would then choose the best ones to put in a frame or inside the family photo album. These pictures certainly bring a lot of nostalgia and pleasant memories.

With the popularity of smartphones, photo studios today are reserved for huge milestones such as graduations, weddings, or diamond anniversaries. StudioMatic Self-Photography Studio wants to change that. As Iloilo’s new #funspace for self-photography, you can say goodbye to being self-conscious and simply focus on having your brightest, most beautiful smile!

Professional Photography Made Fun

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The owners of StudioMatic are not new to the business. Their first venture, a baby and family photography studio located in Don Francisco Village, Jaro, has been operating for quite a while.

“…Last May, a friend of ours introduced us to the self-shoot concept that was starting to gain traction in Metro Manila. We were contemplating having another branch for our studio so the suggestion was timely. We went to Manila to experience self-photography first-hand. That’s when we decided this is what we’re going to open next. It was so much fun and we wanted Ilonggos to experience it, too!”

Located at the 2nd level of Festive Walk, Megaworld Boulevard, Mandurriao, StudioMaticis Iloilo City’s first self-photography studio where you can get professional-grade photos while having fun. There are NO photographers present - so feel free to be as expressive as you want to be. Bring your fur babies, your loved ones, barkada, or just yourself. Be goofy, try different poses, and get creative!

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Think of it like a photo booth but with pro cameras, lighting, and equipment. For problems or concerns, just approach any of their friendly staff. The best part is that you can run errands at the mall or have coffee as you wait for your pictures to be printed. Aside from high-quality prints, you also receive all soft copies of your images.

Entrepreneurship and Positive Perspectives

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Starting a business is more than having capital or the right connections (though those are helpful, of course). One needs to think about management, operations, marketing, and competition. With a lot on your plate, be sure to bring optimism with you to work.

“…Running or starting a business isn’t a bed of roses. You’ll encounter plenty of challenges. Having the right mindset will help you through these ups and downs…It’s easy to find solutions when you’re coming from a positive point of view.”

It helps that your business is something you enjoy. Another important factor is understanding your target market and how to reach them. For StudioMatic, marketing is as easy as one, two, post -

“Our strategy is to maximize our presence on social media.  Almost everyone is on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok nowadays. We make sure that our page is active because our clients love to post their photos on their accounts, too. Apart from online marketing, we make use of traditional materials as well.”

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An entrepreneur’s job is more complicated than most individuals think. From administrative duties to answering customer complaints, filing paperwork, and accounting for all expenses, the last thing you want to be a part of is cutthroat competition. It’s a good thing Ilonggos are ambitious yet considerate.

“There’s healthy competition in the photography business in Iloilo City. We are familiar with our competitors and some of them are our good friends. We even refer several of our clients if we can’t cater to them…There’s a big market out there…”

We love a friendly competition – no drama, just pure talent, and a drive to be better. For the owners of StudioMatic, the best business is where passion meets growth.

“…If you use your talent in the business and hone it further, then you’re on the right path.”

A Focus on the Future

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StudioMatic Self-Photography Studio is still very new. But they already have dozens of happy customers – as well as a long line of people who can’t wait to show their goofy sides in front of the camera!

“We’ve been receiving plenty of good feedback from Ilonggos. I think the market is also as excited as we are!”

For now, the entrepreneurs want to put their attention on daily operations and see where they could improve. While it’s too soon to bring in new products or services, they are working on perhaps introducing a couple of great ideas eventually. Hint: you might get your photos printed on canvas! I have a bare wall in our home that would surely benefit from a large, framed print.

Got a novel idea but not sure if it will click with your target market? The folks behind StudioMatic shares these words of wisdom:

“Assess yourself: your talents, skills, and passions. Start from there. Don’t allow fear or what-ifs to prevent you from even trying. Failures are just experiences you can learn from. Have a plan and set goals so your business will have direction.”

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It’s never easy to start something new. But know that you’re never alone. People everywhere are trying new things for the first time every day. Why not document your journey in business? Create videos, blog entries, or a photo essay. With StudioMatic, you can have professional-looking pictures you can show off to the world.

“There’s a story behind every photo – and that’s what we want to capture. We want to be part of that memory.”

See what’s it like when #YOUcalltheshots! Book an appointment on StudioMatic’s Facebook page today.


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