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Who doesn’t love looking at photos or watching videos online? As visual creatures, we can’t get enough of adorable cat images or trendy dance videos. But did you know that these types of content usually take hours (if not days) to process? Or that it often takes an entire creative team to get it done? Yes, there’s a ton of hard work that goes into ensuring that even corporate messages become entertaining.

And behind those gorgeous photos, quirky animations, and 2-minute clips are Digital Production Artists like Kenneth Jaurigue, who bring creative concepts to life.

Let's Meet Kenneth

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One could say that it was Fate that led John Kenneth “Gor” Jaurigue to his current role as Digital Production Artist for Sowenscale. Others might reason that he simply followed his heart. Regardless of intention, perhaps this was his path all along.

“Engineering talaga yung first choice ko sa college. Pero while walking inside the campus, I saw an ad for DMIA (BS in Digital Media and Interactive Arts) and napaisip ako. I realized that I have a passion for photography, videography, and editing. So I decided to enroll in DMIA instead.”

Kenneth narrates that he knew this was the right move when he felt happy going to classes to learn more. His parents also gave their full support to the budding digital creative. Thanks to his degree, he’s now equipped with the fundamentals of graphic design and editing.

His love for photography and the arts is no doubt evident across all his works – from nature-inspired themes of flowers, trees, and beaches, to portraits taken during weddings, birthdays, and corporate events. He takes inspiration from various sources, including his favorite movies and personalities, and mixes them up to create his own unique style.

“One of my favorite subjects for photography is people, especially candid shots…because you can see their natural reactions and feelings in the photo.”

 On Being a Digital Production Artist

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“The best thing about my job is when people appreciate and acknowledge your work…The worst is being looked down on by individuals who don’t understand your job.”

Kenneth’s job title may sound foreign to some, but it’s a demanding profession that requires both creative and technical expertise. Apart from working with all kinds of people including developers, designers, and directors, one needs to be methodical in editing, retouching, clipping, and manipulating media, such as images and videos. And yes, he too, needs to follow strict deadlines and think fast when problems come up.

The long, arduous process of his work kicks in right after a photoshoot, event, or production scene: “After a shoot, I usually stay at home for a few days (or even a week) to finish editing.”

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One of the more impressive facts about Sowenscale’s resident Photographer is that he learned many video editing and animation techniques by himself. He describes the journey as scary yet thrilling.

“It was both terrifying and exciting to know how to do different kinds of design and animation. I was also intimidated by the choices in software.”

This can be quite difficult to believe today, as Kenneth’s natural talent shines as bright as his photos.

“I don’t see myself as unique. But as an artist, I want to be as versatile as possible.”

On Inspiration, Risks, and Motivations

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It’s no easy task to juggle client satisfaction and your ingenious concept. However, Kenneth believes that sometimes, taking risks is necessary to bring an amazing idea to life.

“Occasionally, clients will want things the usual way just because they haven’t experienced anything new. So I risk it. Often, the clients love the output!”

We’re guessing you’d need to be a little brave in the field, too. He agrees. “My biggest challenge was pitching ideas. Back then I had little confidence and I was afraid people would not agree with me.”

When we asked what he wished he knew before taking up photography and doing animation, this nature-loving Digital Production Artist had a solid answer: “…It takes A LOT of patience to take a specific photo of something and to do animation. But don’t rush - art takes time.”

Despite the challenges, he’s motivated and raring to go every morning because he’s excited about creating something new. To combat stress, he plays video games, does tricks with his dog, or goes for a walk.

“In life, to be happy with less is the best way to truly understand MORE.”

The Future for Creatives

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“I’m happy where I am right now. Happy and satisfied. But I really want to work in a famous studio, like the studios you see before the movie starts!”

Kenneth’s dreams couldn’t be far behind. One of his photos on Pexels (the free stock photo and video sharing community) has already garnered almost 14 million views and over 45,000 downloads.  That’s no small feat as there are millions of other creatives on the platform. While that’s one of his best achievements to date, Sowenscale’s resident Photographer/Videographer has his eyes set on bigger things. His dream project? To one day shoot or edit a blockbuster movie.

He’s in no rush though. Today, he’s enjoying one of the perks of working for Sowenscale: “…I get to work from home! I feel ‘at home’ with the team, too.”

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To stay updated on industry trends, he follows creative studios and personalities on social media.

“One of my favorite artists is content creator Albert Nicolas. I enjoy watching his videos and I also take inspiration from them.”

Aside from photography, animation, and video editing, the Iloilo-based photographer is thinking about getting into cooking or baking, if time and money are not an issue. Kenneth is open to collaborations as well. His advice for aspiring digital production artists:

“Learn from criticisms, but don’t take them too seriously. Remember that you are your own artist - and there are no rules in art.”

Want to see what it takes to be on the production set? Check out Kenneth on Pexels @swagoren and Instagram @Gorenersss.


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