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When you think of marketing, you imagine flyers, brochures, posters, or TV promos. We’ve all passed by those giant billboard ads on our way to work. And you’ve probably accepted one too many flyers inside malls, too.

However, with the introduction of the internet, the playing ground has expanded to include search engines, social media, directories (, blogs, review apps (Tripadvisor, BBB), and more. Even for a seasoned marketer, navigating these spaces can be disorienting. Where do you even begin?!

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To connect the pieces effectively, you’ll need someone organized, creative, and familiar with all these new marketing channels. That someone is Kristiana Salvoza.

Who is Kristiana?

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If you asked Kristiana, she’d tell you that it never crossed her mind to work in the field of marketing. Though it may seem unlikely, she’s not a marketing graduate at all. She began her career as a registered nurse.

“Since I was a child, I always thought about becoming a nurse just like my mother. I always dreamed of following in her footsteps.”

And she did – for a while. After graduating from the University of San Agustin, she was able to practice her profession in two hospitals and one dialysis center. She also became an English tutor. But one experience changed her life in more ways than one:

“I think the turning point of my life was when I knew I was going to be a mom. Aside from the additional responsibility, I knew I had to make new decisions for myself…and for the sake of my family.”

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It wasn’t easy. Though if you’re surrounded by loving friends and family, anything’s possible.

“I remember contemplating how I want to have a career and earn my own money. I talked about it with my family and friends…I am grateful for my mother and husband who didn’t like the idea at first but eventually supported me. I couldn’t have done it without their blessing. Guess I am lucky…”

On Being a Marketing Communications Manager

As a full-time Marketing Communications Manager, Kristiana Salvoza juggles three main jobs at once.

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First, she needs to understand and stay updated with current marketing trends, practices, and channels. Second, she needs to connect with several individuals from various departments such as copywriters, graphic artists, web designers, and social media experts. On top of that, she has to create reports, develop strategies, as well as make interesting, publication-ready materials.

Whew! How does she do it all?

“The best thing about it is you get to work with different people and learn from them. Misunderstandings are normal as we often have to beat deadlines. There’s nothing we can’t fix with communication.

Kristiana seems to be the perfect fit for the role, after all.

“I’ve had a lot of challenges until now. I admit I’m new to this field and a year of exposure is not enough… but I’m still in the process of learning and getting used to it…

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f she could go back in time and take a different major, would she have done it? Kristiana gives a firm no. She says she doesn’t have to be a Marketing or Business graduate to do the work she has today. What matters is that she’s eager and always willing to learn.

“Having a medical degree is a big help since I handle healthcare accounts…”I’m not closing doors to any opportunities. I can't tell yet, but all I know is I’m learning to love what I do…I feel good when my team and I get things done.”

Thoughts as a Modern Working Mom

As a full-time career woman and mother, Kristiana was honest as she shares she can’t give advice yet on how moms can better manage their time.

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“…I’m still struggling in this area, too! Nonetheless, experience is the best teacher daw eh!”

One of the most difficult things she deals with every day is ‘mom guilt’.

“I do feel guilty more than what others think, but I don’t let it get to me…I grew up with our mom working abroad since my siblings and I were little. We didn’t feel less loved or not taken care of. We understood that sacrifices like this have to be done for our own good. And that’s what I want my son to be: brave and independent.”

Kristiana says establishing a routine helps. This habit lets her allocate enough time to bond with her family. She adds that balancing work and life is just another part of the process, and she’s thankful for an incredible support system.

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“Being a working mom is harder than I expected. It’s true when they say that you won’t truly understand it until you’ve experienced it…If you’re not working, you are looking after your child. Nevertheless, I don’t have regrets…”

Switching careers is scary, especially now that times are tough. But Kristiana encourages those who can afford to take a leap of faith:

“My advice would be: They should carefully think about it. Assess yourself; like what you enjoy doing, what are the things that you are good at, your talent, weaknesses, etc. They should do their research and think long-term…

“And if it all adds up, no matter what other people say, just take that risk.”

Follow Kristiana on her LinkedIn profile @MariaKristianaSalvoza and see how she manages work-life balance.

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