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Words are an important part of any business. Whether it's an ad or a blog, the right statements can inform, engage, and even sell. But just any writer will not do. Brands that want an edge in print and digital media must get their hands on an excellent content creator. 

Someone who’s not only great at choosing the right words, but also a person who’s creative, results-oriented, and constantly curious. Someone like Khalel Czarine Tanalgo.

A Quick Look at Khalel

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A peek at her Facebook posts and you’d instantly get the impression that yes, Khalel Czarine Tanalgo is a writer. Her captions are not just descriptions – they’re colorful narratives about her childhood, her loved ones, and her many exploits. She reminded me of Aurora Lane’s character (Passengers, 2016): a strong-willed spirit who wants to live a life of adventure.

“Stories. That’s how it started for me. People are drawn to stories. I know I am. I’ve always rambled on to anyone who would listen, or I would spill my thoughts in the quiet confines of a blank page. That’s when I realized that writing is an extension of my need to communicate, to tell my stories.”

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This fun-loving traveler had loads of experience to prepare her for her eventual career in content.

“In high school, I joined editorial writing competitions and I also became the editor-in-chief of the school publication. Fast forward several years later, I found myself in content creation!”

Aside from writing, she has participated in extemporaneous and impromptu speaking events as well. When she’s not relaxing by the beach or sampling the menu at the hottest restaurants, she loves engaging in level-headed discourse, too.

“These have helped me exercise my vocabulary, organized my thought process, and introduced me to fresh perspectives.”

On Being a Content Creator

“It’s never about our products alone. It’s about how we can help our clients achieve more. We offer outcomes, not features. We offer results. We do this by providing the tools and resources they need to succeed.”

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As Sowenscale’s content creator, Khalel regards her job as an opportunity to help businesses cut through the noise with the right words.

“We no longer find value in polished ads created for the general public. What we want are raw, powerful stories. Something our target market can resonate with.” She cites the brand Nike and the company’s simple yet compelling slogan that athletes and non-athletes alike have embraced.

“They don’t sell sneakers; they sell greatness. We need more content like this— content that tells stories.”

To help her write inspiring pieces, she carefully lays out her thought process. First, she jots down all her ideas. Next, she links concepts that fit together. This allows her to see which topics should be prioritized and how. Once the draft is finished, she reads it to identify errors and decide which parts to cut or revise.

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If there’s one advice she could give budding writers, it’s to keep learning:

“Research is a key element in creating content. It has become my excuse to read more articles, watch more videos, and listen to more podcasts. I look forward to it because I know I’ll be learning something new.”

Beating Writer’s Block

When writing is part of your daily routine, how do you deal? Here are Khalel’s two cents:

“There are numerous times when I just stare at a blank page for hours and hours - even days! The trick is to find something that works for you. I would take breaks. Try taking a walk, talking to a friend, or getting something to eat. Movement is critical.”

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“I need to generate momentum to get out of my funk. Once I start heading in a direction, it’s easier to pick up speed.”

The right words can sell. This means today’s writers must learn fast and think on their feet. As our sassy content creator can attest to:

“It’s no longer just a hobby. It’s now serious business and a source of income for many. Consumers are always looking for individuals whose values align with their own. Content creators must ensure interactions are meaningful, relevant, and authentic.”

To provide the best content for her clients, Khalel first researches the target audience. She considers age, occupation, and interests before tackling a subject. To breathe life into otherwise dry topics, she injects a bit of humor or relates it to a personal experience.

“Great content is one that succeeds at informing, persuading, or entertaining your target market while helping you achieve business goals.”

On Discretion, Success, and the Future of Content

Most people would assume that once you’re a writer, you’ll write about anything. Well, yes and no. Every writer has their own specialty and unique set of skills. Khalel personally gravitates towards self-help. She’s also familiar with the tech and marketing industries because of her job. But fiction, she admits, isn’t her cup of tea (at least for now).

“…I can’t imagine creating interesting characters and situations out of thin air. I just don’t have the mindset for it yet.”

This hasn’t stopped her from being super creative on Instagram. You’ll find photos from her travels, current faves, and cute outfits. Indeed, social media has played a large part in letting our curious beach-lover share her stories with a wide range of audiences.

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“Social media has revolutionized many aspects of my life; from the way I conduct business, to how I engage in political affairs, and obtain information. But the most significant impact for me is the promise of connection…I’ve connected with plenty of people I didn’t think would’ve been possible had I left it to chance interactions.”

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Despite being active online, she frowns at airing dirty laundry on Facebook.

“It has become too easy to damage someone’s reputation from behind a computer screen. I’d never want to contribute to that. There’s already so much junk in our newsfeeds. I keep mine in the hamper.”

We’d recommend sharing behind-the-scenes shorts of how you pick your OOTDs instead. As for businesses, Khalel suggests establishing a social mission, going digital, and hiring a great content creator from the start.

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“If you look at legendary companies, you’ll see they have one thing in common: great copywriting. If your copy is on-brand, evokes the right emotion, and speaks the language of your target market, sales will follow.”

See how Khalel chooses to tell her stories on Instagram @khalelczarine


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