Weaving Words That Matter with Sowenscale’s Prolific Copywriter, Caryn Muega

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Copywriting is what makes us understand what our eyes are telling us. It's why we're able to read this article and understand its meaning without having to ask anyone—without having to be told how to read. Copywriting is what allows us to make sense of complex ideas and ideas that might be difficult to understand in their entirety. And behind those witty lines, one-word punches, and gripping captions are copywriters like Caryn Muega, who makes you click with just a few words.

Let's Meet Caryn

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“I like variety. I like writing but I like other things, too. I don’t think I would ever stop writing but yes, I have plans of pursuing other opportunities. I would like to learn video editing and producing music, among many others.”

Do you know the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none”? Well, that’s the shortened version; the actual phrase is “Jack of all trades master of none, but better than a master of one.” That’s what Caryn exemplifies in life. She doesn’t define herself with one experience or skill. Instead, she is an explorer. As a writer, that’s the best thing to help you create words that jump pages and stop you from scrolling.

“We have this big notion in life that we should already be set on our goals and our path at a certain age but I realized that that’s not the case for everyone. My only constant goal in life is to help my family and try to be happy more times than I’m sad.”

As a copywriter, Caryn doesn’t pigeonhole herself. She shared that she has plans to pursue other creative ventures, like video editing and producing music. 

On Being a Copywriter

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“The best thing is knowing that people read and act upon my words. I get to influence people to do an action just by stringing words together. Knowing too that I might have directly contributed to the success of a brand - that’s a nice feeling.”

Copywriting builds trust between a brand and its audience—and trust is something we all want! Caryn understands that if a brand has a strong voice and speaks with confidence and conviction about its product or service, the audience will feel confident to buy from them.  

But she wants people to know that copywriters don’t magically create words, and writing copy isn't easy. It's not just about coming up with clever phrases and sentences that sound good when read out loud in an elevator pitch. You've got to put yourself in your audience's shoes, think about what they want and need, and write content that speaks to them on their level.

“Know your audience and try to speak to them in the language that they use.”

That's why copywriting is so important: it's the glue that holds your content together, making it not only readable but effective. Caryn is thankful that Sowenscale gave her a strong grasp of marketing and business principles that have helped her become a chameleon. She is able to put herself into the shoes of different audiences and speak in the different tones and voices of brands.

You can't just jump into writing without having a clear idea of what you want to say—or how you want to say it. Copywriting is about making sure each word has a purpose and fits with the overall structure of what you're creating.

Balancing Work & Stress

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As someone who lives their life on different paths, Caryn knows the importance of balance. She understood the risk of taking on a part-time copywriting role alongside her full-time day job. For most people, taking on two or more jobs can be stressful. There’s the constant scheduling and piling of tasks; you can get easily overwhelmed. But for Caryn, stress is just another norm in life. You can’t really avoid it. Instead, you have to face it head-on.

“You don’t grow if you don’t experience stress or pressure so sometimes I welcome it. It makes me appreciate my free time more if I was stressed earlier in the day.”

She shares with us that she tries to get breathing time whenever she's overwhelmed with work. Either by reading a book or taking a walk. Caryn also mentioned that traveling could be a great stress reliever. You can take the time to travel with family and friends. Thanks to her two jobs, she can find time and enjoy her life, despite the stress that may come with it.

“The sense of fulfillment and accomplishment that I usually feel at the end of a workday. It makes me appreciate and enjoy my lull time more knowing that I was able to work on and finish something within that day.”

Life As A Creative & Finding Motivation

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Copywriting involves a lot of creativity. You need to find the balance between trend-forward content and brand promotions. Especially in today’s fast-paced social media world. One day we’re singing songs about corn and the next lip syncing to Lady Gaga’s 2009 hit, Paparazzi. Being creative means having a fresh idea every hour of every day. But thanks to Tiktok, Caryn can stay up to date.

“Most brands these days are focusing their marketing efforts on TikTok and almost all trends start from TikTok. I take note of the lingo that appeals and is spoken by millennials and GenZs these days. You can learn (and laugh) a lot from the comments that you see on the videos.”

Copywriters, like Caryn, are trained to take their clients' ideas and turn them into something more cohesive, professional-looking, and persuasive than before. They also help ensure everything has been written in an accessible way for audiences of different generations and communities.

Check out Caryn on Instagram @kaladcaryn and stay up-to-date with her awesome content.


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