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I’ve always been a strong advocate for growth, so when my partner and I were invited to join “The To-Do-List For A Better, Happier, More Successful Career Life Workshop'' by Where Money Follows, we happily took it. We think it was a good venue to grow our career and financial literacy. And, to an extent it did.

BTS of Founding a Career Worth Pursuing

The seminar-workshop started off with Sowenscale’s COO, Miss Mikee Canaman. She told us about her beautiful and enlightening experience offshore. Asking us “Who is your Jimmy?”, pertaining to the person that made you realize your potential or at least became a person you wanted to be like. That simple line made me pause and think, as all talks should. It was a moment of enlightenment on my end as I haven’t asked that question to myself in a long while too. 

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When we were younger, we would attend school-mandated recollections and we would be bombarded by introspective questions like these, but growing up, we shied away from these situations. And to an extent, we avoid these thought-provoking instances. It was very refreshing to be asked these types of questions again.

The Where Money Follows (WMF) Workshop started out very well, and I was delighted to have attended it.

Practicing Grit At Work

The next speaker brought a smile to my girlfriend’s face. It was someone we knew from a Facebook Group – Adulting Iloilo, a group where we discuss adult life hacks and how to deal with being an adult and how to survive through it.

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Miss Krz Pareja of Welby asked the crowd, “Has anyone read the book Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth?” I smiled as it was one of the books I’ve finished front to back a few times too. It’s nice when a book you like gets a shout-out.

I love how Miss Pareja prepared a small worksheet for all of us. She had a goal of getting her message through to us and it did. It was a fun and entertaining worksheet that helped make her concept more metaphysical and in turn more reachable and achievable.

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I found a solid grasp of my life last year. I've given myself good goals and set reasonable stepping stones to help me achieve those goals, but as time passes by and life goes on, we really do get distracted from the big picture, from our main goal. Side quests upon side quests have kept us from really reaching that goal, but through this short talk by Miss Pareja, I was reminded of my main goals. Her worksheet that made us draw certain things reminded me of the main goal and indirectly made me think better about how I should deal with situations to help me achieve my goals.

There are a few more learnings from Miss Pareja’s talk but I will keep them to myself as I want you, the reader, to join in the next talk and experience them yourselves.

Finding Passion on a Road Less Taken

I was also enlightened and amazed by the career journey and life perspectives of Where Money Follows’ Mentor Patrick Hortillo. 

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I agree when he said, "money can’t make you stay in a company”.  Exceptional and talented employees stay because they feel respected, recognized, and valued.

It is also true when he mentioned that “knowing how to negotiate for a better position is a skill not everyone will learn.”

Not everyone will have the chance to learn that skill, mainly because that opportunity doesn't always present itself and even when it does, most people don't see the lesson in the situation. It takes an amount of self-awareness to recognize the good in the mediocre and the opportunities when facing problems. The talk was a catalyst for people to be more aware and conscious of the indirect or less obvious opportunities that would be presented to them in the future.

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I like to think that the best talks or seminars aren't the ones with the flashiest or lengthiest content, but the ones that make us question ourselves in a good way after the talk.

These talks, these seminars, and these invitations are great sources for growth, but only if you are open and willing to grow.

I’ve met a public school teacher, business owners, multimedia designers, photographers, and an accountant because of this short workshop and they were amazing. If you enjoy life’s diversity and are open to viewing things from different perspectives, the WMF workshop is a good start.

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